COMING TO THE END OF 2015!!!!!!!!!!





 Dear Father,

I thank you for the lives of those reading this post, the last post of 2015 to be shared from the Empowered United Women Ministry, Father I thank you for keeping us safe, keeping us healthy, for your love and for blessing us with all that we have and our individual growth in our walks. No weapon formed against any of us shall ever prosper and what you speak into our lives will always come to pass, though life gets hard we have you and are alive today to witness the ending of another blessed year.

Father I decree and declare that 2016 shall be an even better year for us all, a year of exploits, a year of healing, a year of strength, a year of open doors and more. We don’t know our tomorrow but I are assured that with you no harm shall come our way. What is happening out there we are exempt from it all and may we continue to live our lives with you at the centre of it and not man. Holy spirit take control and may all that you have for us in 2016 locate us, there will be nothing like lost blessings to the enemy, because you have the overall final say and power to make all things possible. But above all may 2016 be a year of restoration.

In your precious name we pray. Hallelouyah 

Hey lovelies

Firstly we thank God for another blessed year!!!! Wow 2015 is coming to an end and entering into 2016 by His grace. How awesome is that?

Each day we wake up is God’s doing, to say He is not done with you yet and there is more to come out of your life. There are many including my old self who would take waking up, walking around, using our senses, talking, eating, the roof over our heads and more for granted. We would live life and not once stop to think that it is all God’s doing that we are alive and well, but I thank God for change and growth in the kingdom to have the ability to have a personal intimate relationship with Him, to live the right way and walk in purpose. Yes purpose, you were created not to be in the clubs, not to link many guys, not to just work to pay bills, shopping lifestyles, going out to eat and all sorts, don’t get me wrong, now that we are in the kingdom all these things are good and nice to do (not the clubbing or linking guys) but that is not where life stops, there is more to life and that is what you need to seek God for, for Him to reveal to you your purpose and gifts, because you are a somebody and not a nobody.

 Romans 5:8

“But God commended his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.”


Living the lukewarm lifestyle will eventually lead to destruction, don’t get me wrong no one is perfect and people make mistakes, but how does it look when we become born again giving our lives to Christ but still entertain and do worldly things? Treat others unfairly? Hold onto bad habits and mindsets etc, wish bad for others? You name it. You see it says in 2 Corinthians 5:17 “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new”


Let’s dissect this verse to back up what I am saying, it says:

  • THEREFORE, IF ANY MAN (that is to say that anyone can make the decision to know God and become born again)
  • BE IN CHRIST (Not in the world, doing things in the devil’s playground, which brings nothing but confusion, frustration, bitterness, anger, delay and unhappiness)
  • HE IS A NEW CREATURE (new- discovered, not existing before, a new way of living, transformed, advanced, new encounter).
  • OLD THINGS ARE PASSED AWAY (Old ways, old habits, desires, places of attendance, those wrong friends, that bad relationship, you name it). Whether it is old things, habits or people. God has a way of transforming you to not want to do all those things again, but to seek Him, love Him more, know your purpose and walk in it. It is to say that in the world you were lost and self-righteous and so all you did was your own decisions, not always good but you made them, fed the flesh and pleased others, tried to fit in and did things contrary to the word of God. So when you turn your life around by seeking God and not those old ways, though mistakes will happen youll no longer be self-righteous, you will feel convicted when you do wrong and sinning will be uncomfortable to you. A complete turnaround from the worldly living and the best decision made known to man, to give their life to Christ. Your hearts desires and all that you want to do in life will align with Him and all you’ll want to do is walk in purpose to serve.

As a Christian you are a brand new person not just on the outside but more importantly on the inside too, the Holy Spirit that dwells INSIDE YOU gives you that new life, and you will never be the same again unless you backslide and walk out on Christ to no longer want to live with God as your saviour. We are created to live in union with Christ and not the enemy in the world, living a self-led life. Beginning a new life under our new master in the kingdom- because as we know in the world we were under satan and his stronghold feeding the flesh and living anyhow.

You enter into a new covenant- new prospect with God and your purpose is activated, you see when in the world you had a purpose to fulfil but you didn’t realise it then because you were blinded in sin, and so it took something(s) to happen to make you decide to know God and live the right way and for God to then nurture you, teach you and elevate you. He has given us all a free will and so He wouldn’t force Himself on you but wait for you to realise how much you need Him and cant live without Him.

How you think

What you do

Where you go

How you dress

Who you talk to

Walking in purpose

Loving others

Refraining from bad ways

Letting Him take the lead – YOU NAME IT, IT CHANGES UNDER HIM