My testimony wooow where do I start from well I will give a give a testimony that will encourage a lot of young ladies. I grew up being bullied in school being told I wasn’t pretty enough and why I didn’t have a boyfriend or why I haven’t kissed a boy.

The devil used people to push me towards things that I wasn’t even ready for at that age and messed with my mind big time in regards to my image. But one thing I thank God for is I never dressed in a provocative way or wore make up to make myself feel good about the way I look I was looking for acceptance and affection from these guys because of what these people in my school kept saying to me and always got rejected as a result of it. I just wanted them to say you are pretty, you are beautiful but I never heard any of those.

In year 10 or 11 I wanted to take my own life because I actually had enough it was just all too much for me. I really didn’t know much about Christ these times even though I was going church every week. Then it came to sixth form and I never thought highly of myself or thought I was better than anyone but these younger girls in a couple years below started making sly comments every time they saw me like ‘oh you think you’re too nice’ or this girl will walk past me and every single time she did, she will always say ‘ergh’.

It wasn’t until I finally left that school that I can say I enjoyed life because once I left I left all the people behind it was as if God had given me a new life just as the passage says in 2 Corithians 5:17 “This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!” and my life changed completed I fully gave my life to Christ. It was not until my 19th birthday that I fully made a declaration and felt in my heart that was beautiful and made in the image of God because He says I am and I haven’t looked back every since. The world tells you that you have to dress/ act a certain way to be beautiful but that’s a lie from the devil. You are beautiful the way God made me you, your identity is found in Christ not man.

It took me a while to look in the mirror and be happy with what I say but with God all things are possible. If I had taken my life that day I wouldn’t be here today writing these testimony of how God changed my whole life around and God couldn’t of used me to touch people’s lives with my paintings. Now I’m 21 graduating next year from a Fine Art course. Sometimes we go through things and think God why me?? But I can reassure you that sorrow may last for a night but joy comes in the morning. God saw all the tears I cried to sleep every night. God is always working. My life is a living testimony of how faithful God is. I won’t be here today without the support from God and my family. Whatever the devil intended for evil God will turn around for the good just trust and believe.

P.S. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise that you ain’t beautiful because God has already said in Psalm 139:14 that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. When God says something anyone else’s comment is irrelevant.


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SparklesSparkles**TESTIMONY!!**SparklesSparkles Y’all I just wanna thank God for everything He has done for me this week. It’s not easy being a full time student on your own. At the beginning of the week i had no food in my house, no job and my tuition needed to be paid.

I thank God for His grace and mercy because it is now Saturday and everything i have listed prior has been taken care of!! There is TOO MUCH food! My tuition is being taken care of and i got a job!! I just want to encourage anyone of y’all going through anything to hold onto Him.

I told God that i believed i would get a job at the beginning of this week and He honored my faith. I’m not perfect but He continues to take care of me. DONT LET SATAN LIE TO YOU!! Your God shall supply ALL your needs!!! Not some, not one but ALL. Just trust Him. This year is Crowned with goodness. Expect NOTHING LESS. Person with folded handsPerson with folded hands️️Smiling face with smiling eyesSmiling face with smiling eyes



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can do all things


Heyy, I have a testimony

I remember last month I was going through a very difficult time, to call it a breakdown would even be the correct word. I was reconsidering university, I wanted to drop out, and it wasn’t for me at all. No matter how hard I tried with my assignments I would always have to retake something, which angered me because I always gave it my best, hoping for more than just a pass but flying colours.

So I got my results back last week, In my HR module I got 68% PRAISE GOD! And in my Enterprise module I got 55% PRAISE GOD! However I do 3 modules, and I was still waiting on my results for the International Business module. I checked online and saw 28%, 28% is a fail. I was so disheartened; I actually doubted God and cried out to him, the thoughts of dropping out of uni crept back in the thoughts. I was down for a few days thinking, where did I go wrong?

Then, I remembered the scriptures you sent to me, those encouraging words, I kept saying to myself, God can do any miracle, I am expectant then a couple days later, I received an email saying they had sent my paper off for external moderation, I was a little but scared because with an external moderation the current grade can go down as well as up, so I could possibly even get a worse grade than 28%. But I never gave up; I kept speaking in tongues, edifying myself, speaking what I wanted to see. To cut a long story short, my grade went up by 5%! Isn’t God good! I passed all three modules, with no retakes!

Lol this is quite long but I just want to say thank you for hearing me out that time, and encouraging me in the word, thank you for looking out for me, you have truly been a rock of support. Don’t worry I will keep you updated with more testimonies, Thank you again x



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I just want to testify, give the GLORY TO GOD & let satan get behind me.

I have been so blessed with the ministry that GOD has places upon Lisa’s life. It’ is not an easy thing to do to follow GOD’s will but by his grace we manage.

The group on whatsapp “empowering women” has helped me deal with so much of my issues. Every day I wake up and read the encouraging words from the sisters. If I’m having a hard day I always go back and read the messages, even look at the images, then it encourages me and takes me back to focusing on Christ.

Recently, I have been going thru a difficult time but I am so grateful of the ladies being there for me. I have been led to let go of a friend/ “lover” due to how he was making me feel. I remember crying, depressed, too much emotions going thru my head & I could feel my heart breaking into pieces. But GOD is close to the heart broken. I let everything out as it was to GOD & I felt such a an amazing peace of GOD being poured upon my heart & it was so powerful that until this day I don’t even think about him (GLORY TO GOD).

I told GOD to take away every feeling that is not meant to be there so that I can focus on him and him ALONE. HALLELUJAH. GOD TRULY ANSWERS PRAYERS.



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Hey all,

So I have come to share my testimony with you all. I don’t even know where to start, but what I can confidently say is that God has been so good! I have been crying. I have been stressing. I have been tossing and turning. There were times where I wanted to give up. There were times where I felt lonely, but God reassured to me that everything is working out towards my favor. I am just here to let you know how amazing God has been. Through the struggles of searching for a job, to allowing me to grow Spiritually, God has proven Himself to be who He is. I don’t know about you, but before when I was weak in my Spirit, I thought God rewarded people who done well.

For me, I was someone that used to complain a lot about my life, and how I didn’t get the things I desired when I wanted it. Sometimes it hurts when I do think about it because people will always judge you by the way you look, but will never take the time to understand your secret pain behind closed doors. I prayed about a certain issue that had to do with my face. My face is very sensitive to certain products, and I tell you, the struggle to leave the house without make-up was real. So what I decided to do was to not wear make-up for some time, which I did stick to. Around this time last year, I saw that my face was getting better. But originally this all started in my second year of university. I was 20 when I had a bad breakout. It took me 3 to 4 years to fight this battle, but this year 2015, God has done some amazing things! My friend advised me to go and see a GP but I was so reluctant about it. So instead I spoke to God about it and felt in my Spirit that it would be a good idea to go, so I went and the lady recommended me a gel cream. I cannot thank God enough for the people God uses to bless us. I want to thank God for giving me clear skin in advance! I may still have small spots, but it says that we should praise Him in advance and that is what I will encourage you to do.

Now I know for some of you, it may not fully sink in because you did not experience what I did, but for those who know what I am talking about, you will know the deep stronghold of having make-up as your priority. It felt like make-up was my mini-God, but thank God He enabled me to break that chain and love myself for who I am. I may not know who I am speaking to, but I want you all to know that regardless of the delays, the rejections, the fears, the isolation, the pain, God has a way of making your way straight! Ladies, I’ve come a long way. The inner battles I faced whilst I was young was too difficult to understand, but now I see why all things work together for the good of them that love The Lord (Romans 8:28).

Another testimony is being alive and well! Ladies, because of God, I have not been to the hospital since I had food poisoning since year 7. You would be surprised at the amount of people that end up in hospitals but God has kept my health in place! And if I am honest, I hardly thank God for my health, but today I use it as an opportunity to lift up my hands and tell Him how GRATEFUL I am to have good health! It really is the little things that matter! Apart from all this, I just want to thank God for His future blessings. I know that the plans He has for me is great, so what I need to keep doing is trusting Him always and waiting on His perfect timing. I encourage you ladies to wait on God. I will leave you with this: “You may have to wait, but just know that you are waiting for something great, because you are waiting on a great God. So don’t be impatient and choose what you want instead of waiting on God. Don’t let people and time push you into decisions which are not in alignment with God’s will or His Word.

I don’t know what you are waiting on God to do for you, but what I can assure you is that before you even speak, God already knows your thoughts. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths. (Proverbs 3:5-6). God bless you all. When the enemy tries to test your Faith, just keep trusting God. The struggles you face today will be your greatest testimony! I refuse to allow my circumstances to get the best of me. We all have different tests, but in the end, it builds our inner character and helps us to depend heavily on Him who is able to see our way clear!


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Testimony SIX:

Hello, my name is Antonia Grant
I would like to share a testimony of my life so far:
I would say that up until the age of 17 my life was a normal life, a lovely life. I loved life.
But after 17 years old, life from this time has been a struggle for me, im grown up now so I am mature enough to handle things now as they come my way.

Out of the blue my mum expressed to me one day that she, my brother and step dad will be going to Ghana in 2 weeks time and they r not sure when they are coming back. I hated Ghana so I said that I am not going. My step dad from then on was really hard on me as he thought i needed to be tough since they were leaving. He was very argumentitive,I  couldnt go out with my friends, they couldnt come over (the little friends that i had). He was just mean. One day, he hit me so hard, I fell off my chair, til this day I have problems with my jawWhen they left, my stepdads sister stay with me but was hardly home. The house that use look like home was bare, empty…no more cable…no more mum… no more help….My mum didnt phone. I just left school I didnt have job.. i began to get too big for my clothes… but didnt have any money for my clothes n things. I soon didnt go anywhere… just stayed inside…. and eventually became depressed and I remember feeling very rejected. Things like doing my hair was a problem. I was use to my mum doing my hair. I didnt know what to do. Or who to go to. I was a bit lost.

I spent every single day crying.Morning,noon and night… all my days crying. My grandma came round to see me one day and saw my state n took me in… things became worse after that. So my grandma decided tht it was time to go n visit my mum to bond with her again. We did, we mended our relationship. But soon afterwards I discovered that my step dad had been abusive to my mum and left her in Ghana. He destroyed everything they ever had. Everything, they are still battling in court..I have seen my mum suffer and my brother suffer… its been hard but I know everything will work out well for my family..God will always help my family…always…. the good thing I can take away from this experience in life is that I have become very dependent on God…very.. He is always there for me. Ive had to rely on Him. Because He been the only One ive had. The only one. In the earlier times it was so hard cos i didnt Know God very well. I was maybe to angry and hurt to even hear Him… but yeah.. Everything is going to be just fine.

 God bless you all 
Hello all,

Walking through the wilderness with God is not an easy or pleasant journey yet it’s one my soul desperately needed. When I think about what God Almighty has done for me I’m literally amazed during the most darkest and fearful days of my life Jesus stood by me never forsaking me. I now realise I’m alive today and all the blessings and favours that has come my way is because of the Heavenly father love for me.  My life testimony is one I hope to share in God appointed time for now I’ll share one major aspect of my life, my education and the struggles that came with it also the victory that arose through Christ. When I was a child I was always insecure, I didn’t have a strong sense of identity or belief within myself especially regarding my education. I was deemed from a young age as incapable or worse off dumb by my peers and some of my teachers. This caused me to see myself through the negative lenses of my oppressors and consequently lowered my self-esteem.

However, as years went on I learnt by the grace of God to read properly it all started when I was in year 7. I began to go to the Peckham library mostly every day and borrow books. I didn’t realise at time that was the Holy Spirit encouraging me to do so. Because I know within myself I would have never thought of doing such a task especially as I had such overwhelming fear in everything that required me to learn academically. I learnt a great deal of knowledge and understanding just from reading books this gave birth to my new found love for reading and writing poems a gift I never knew existed until that moment of time.

During my secondary school years I didn’t have an easy ride it was a very traumatic time in which I won’t go in details. However, this affected my ability to learn in that environment I was wrestling with many negative labels that was being put on me by some of my teachers. After 5 years of me being in my secondary school I left with no GCSEs I only achieved a BTEC pass grade in Science and Performing Arts. I can’t tell you the shame and humiliation I felt it was almost as if I was nothing, just junk on the floor waiting to be thrown away. My mind was in a very dark and disturbed place some people may say “well it’s not the end of the world it’s only your GCSE get over it”. Yet, for me I couldn’t, it left such a negative stain on my confidence I felt alone and useless with hardly no qualifications what would become of my life. Those were some of the words I heard not only from some the closet people to me but I told myself this subconsciously.

Nevertheless, Lord Jesus had a plan for me you see even when I was lost in my pain he was already preparing for my victory. I didn’t know what to do but I came to a decision to apply for Lambeth Clapham College and study Health and Social Care Level 1. I read the entry requirements you don’t need any GCSE as it’s a low level diploma. I thought to myself okay this seems more ideal for me especially where I am in my life. When I arrived the lady interviewing me wanted me to do a test to see where I’m at in my learning abilities that was not what I wanted I just wanted to leave at that moment. The result of my test came back and I didn’t score well at all in my Maths yet I did pretty decent on my English. To be honest I wasn’t surprised at my Maths that was such a major struggle for me. The lady told me that she thought there was no point of putting me through to do Health and Social Care Level 1.

Reason being, I may not find that a challenge and that my English is good the only thing is that I need to improve on my maths. Therefore, she enrolled me to do Level 2 in the same course just higher I was so shocked I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. I thank God because I knew it was because of Him that I got on that course. While on that course I met one of my Besties and sister in Christ Keeley we are so alike it’s unbelievable and our friendship really is ordain by God himself. While I was there I worked extremely hard and for some reason I still struggle with disbelief whether or not I could achieve the course. But even when my heart doubted my God didn’t he enable me to stay in Lambeth Clapham College for 3 years and leave with a triple distinction now if that isn’t Jesus then what is it? Literally it was emotional I couldn’t believe a Girl with no GCSE is leaving with a triple distinction I thank God all the way. I began to make plans for my future and decided to apply for university I remember I had a dream about going to Roehampton University before I applied there. That was truly God showing me that Roehampton is the University for me.

Therefore, I decided to give it a go and hope for the best funny enough it was the first University that replied to me offering me a conditional place. However, I needed to achieve my Maths GCSE or equivalent in order for my offer to be secure although I was extremely happy I just felt so fearful about not getting my Maths especially as its weak area for me. Unfortunately, those fears came to life I didn’t achieve my Maths, I didn’t know what I was going to do I just felt so devastated I literally thought Roehampton was out of the picture.  I remember telling God it’s going to take a miracle for me to still go Roehampton. But you see God’s plans for me were way bigger than I could ever imagine he was not going to allow my situation to stop me from achieving.

I decided to pray and fast for 40 days and know that if it’s truly God’s will for me to go Roehampton surely I will. I had a few friends, sister and mum encourage me to believe in the miracle God will do for my life and that  I shouldn’t give up on my faith in God because God Almighty hasn’t given up on me. From that moment forward I started to believe. But trust me it wasn’t easy I had many tearful moments and times when I wanted to give up on everything. Yet, what kept me through was Jesus I kept writing many poems to Jesus and on his faithfulness towards me sure enough he came through for me just as I envisioned he would. I kept proclaiming Roehampton is mine in the spiritual realms and I said “God you can change the impossible situation and make it possible no doubt”.  Every time people would ask me what university are you going? I kept saying I’m going Roehampton the more I spoke those words daily the more it came to existence. The power of the tongue is truly no joke impossible situations can be change just by speaking God’s truth out loud I can testify to the power.  I wouldn’t even acknowledge the circumstance surrounding my position there because I started to have faith and trust in God Almighty

One day I decided to call Roehampton and find out what the status of my offer is and what the head of psychology apartment final decision is. To my biggest surprise I was officially being accepted to study at Roehampton University the only difference is that my course has changed I’m now studying Therapeutic Psychology. Reason being, it doesn’t contain as much maths compared to the other Psychology courses. At first I was disappointed about this decision but my mum, sister and Keeley allowed me to see the positive in this change. This was that at least I’m doing a course that is so closely link to my previous choice of course. Also I’m going to the University of my Choice so technically God answered my prayer.  I really believe God knows what best for me he could have allowed the head of the Psychology department to offer me a place on the Psychology and Counselling course knowing that I won’t be able achieve due to the difficulties that may possibly arise. Or just decline my offer altogether but NO Jesus came and fought my case. It does show all the times I had those dreams of me going Roehampton it was from God. It wasn’t the enemy deceiving me although at one point I really did question wherever or not these dream were from him. Overall, I really do thank God for this miracle because really that’s what it was I mean I can remember praying, crying and losing sleep over this university situation. My God the way I prayed seriously my prayer life has definitely improved and I can honestly say it was spending time praying that made me trust God and his promises for me. I really still I’m in shock about this miracle but I know now that since Jesus has open the major door for me things will never be the same I will literally give university my all with Christ by me side no doubt all glory be to you Jesus.

To whoever may be facing a similar situation to mine never give up on Jesus and don’t stop believing in the miracles God Almighty can do for you.  You’re more than able the paper does not define you Jesus does. I leave this powerful verse with you all Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

God bless you all 

Blesing Alemu 



My name is Keeley Stephenson and I am 20 years old and this is my testimony….
I smile, not because I think that I’m above anybody but because I know what it is like to endure great pain! I laugh not because I am at fault with anything or anyone but because I have lived my life the opposite for soo many years and am now starting to realize the beauty behind myself as well as my story

Growing up I never had an easy life! I was raised with a mother who had extreme cases of schizophrenia due to never taking her medication which as a result led me to experiencing all different types of abuse including sexual, physical, emotional you name it!! I experienced this abuse day after day and was forced to live with it all for several years! With that said, this damaged me as an individual and created me to be a really broken young female. Which as a result caused me to have several different insecurities and issues within myself!! Also to add on I never got to meet my dad so having said that this allowed me to develop my own perspective of how I chose to view the male generation and trust me it was not in a good light. Similarly, I would also develop these false theories in telling myself I could make it on my own and that I didn’t need anyone when in actual fact the times where I actually told myself that was the times that I needed people the most! Nevertheless, having gone through all of this, I began to develop a self pitiful attitude telling myself that somehow the world owed me without realizing that in order to be somebody great you would have to go through something great!!

And with that said my desire to know God supernaturally started to strengthen!!. Furthermore, as I began to walk with God further and further I came to know that he actually had a plan for me and that the words, scars and memories of my past would no longer be used to bring me misery but be used to bring fourth my ministry! God confirmed this for me in several aspects of my life and I am pleased to let you know that I have never turned my back on God since! I mean don’t get me wrong I still, fall short, backslide and sin just like everybody else but I am now wise enough to know that the grace of God still remains sufficient and will continue to keep and uphold me   throughout the rest of this challenging journey to heaven! If anyone would like to ask me any further questions about my journey with Christ as well as also share your experiences please feel free to direct message me or comment below! I will happily reply and liaise with you in giving God the ultimate praise and glory!! Thank you all so much for reading this I hope that you all have been blessed by what God has done!! And that you can also be bold enough to be a light onto others by also sharing your story!! 🙂

God bless you all 




My name is Linda Abena

I am a mother of two beautiful daughters.  I was born in ‘cold’ Bradford West Yorkshire to Ghanaian parents.  My mother is from the Ewe tribe and my father was Ga.  My mother and father separated when I was 6 weeks old leaving me with my father.  I was subsequently fostered by a white lady until the age of ten years when I returned to live with my father and my step-mother.  I would spend the weekdays with my foster mother and would return to my father at weekends.  My father remarried when I was 3 years old hoping that this would strengthen his court case and the possibility that I would be allowed to live with him.  Unfortunately in those days it was very rare for men to raise children as single parents.  I returned to live with my father at the age of 10 and suffered physical and emotional abuse at the hands of my step-mother.  The abuse continued until I was able to leave the family house at 16 years old.  I completed school with 7 GCSE’s and attended college to study for my ‘A’ Levels.  I became pregnant at the age of 17 and naively assumed that if I ignored it the pregnancy would go away.  I travelled with my father during this time to Ghana and suffered a miscarriage.  I still refused to tell anyone and endured the pain silently for weeks.  One morning the Lord’s voice woke me from my sleep and told me to tell my aunty that I was bleeding.  She took me straight to the hospital and the Doctor told me that if I had not had surgery that day I would have died in my sleep that night.  During my teenage years the abuse that I had suffered as a child took it’s toll on my health emotionally.  I would experience times of depression and anxiety although at the time I did not recognise the signs.  However I never remained in these depressive modes and resurfaced without counselling or medication.  I completed college and commenced into a career in accounts.  I also completed on year of a Law degree but left after re-considering my career aspirations.  

I experienced my first love around the age of 18 and spent 6 years with a man who never gave me any commitment and finally left him when I had heard that he married another lady back home in Ghana.  I then decided that it would be a good time to move and start a new life in London.  It was when I moved to London that I met my daughter’s father.  The relationship moved far too quickly and after having been heartbroken so badly I relished the fact that he wanted to commit to me. Unknowingly the only reason that he wanted a relationship and then marriage was to gain his citizenship in the UK.  I fell pregnant with my first daughter within 6 months and had the mind set that I had made my bed, so I must lie in it!  It was around this time period that my relationship with God first started to grow.  During my painful childhood years I would sit in front of the fire with my bible and cry out to God.  I knew that God loved me and that he gave me the strength to endure the pain but I still didn’t know what it meant to have a relationship with God.  I married my daughter’s father when she was 1 knowing that he took me granted, he was emotionally abusive and would not help me financially or physically.  My second daughter was born 2 years later and by this time I was firmly rooted in the belief that divorce was a sin.  Until one day something changed! I felt the holy spirt touch me and I could feel an immense warm feeling down my back, as though someone was hugging me tight.  I prayed and I fasted.  After 7 days I told my husband to pack his bags and leave!  

It had taken me years to recover from the pain that I endured during my marriage but I know that I did not do it alone!! I grew up without a mother, I suffered years of physical and emotional abuse from my step-mother, years of emotional abuse from my ex-husband yet God is using me.  God provided and filled the gaps in my life where I was lacking.  I didn’t have a mother but I had a father who was loving, gentle, (almost maternal in his love for me) kind, a great cook, loved children and taught me everything I know about being a mother.  I suffered abuse however God has used this abuse to create an inner strength that astounds me. He has given me a passion for children, motherhood, kindness, justice and integrity.  I did not grow up in a Christian household, it was far from it! I grew up watching both my father and my step mother have affairs and live frivolous lifestyles.  

YET God has instilled a spirit of respect, integrity, loyalty and faithfulness in me.  I know that God has just started his work in me.  Yes I still have episodes of depression, Yes I still lack confidence in myself, Yes I still have areas of my personality that need God’s work but I overcame adversity.  I know 100 % that God will turn our ashes into beauty not only for our benefit but for the benefit of other women have battled in life.  

I lost my beloved father 2 years ago and I am still coming to terms with this today however amongst that pain I graduated from university and I am in the process of walking out God’s purpose for my life. I thank God for my life and giving me the best father that he knew how to be.  I thank God for giving me that same big, forgiving and gentle heart.

God bless you all







Hey lovelies

Its me again…

I just want to encourage you with a recent testimony, so as you know  I was in a job for some time full time and in that same job they made it part time as I had been praying to get, because I wanted to spend more time on ministry and studies along with other commitments. So it was already on my door step and God did mighty things as always and a lot was learnt.

God made me realise many things and reminded me of them recently, as Tye Tribbett sings CHASING AFTER YOU- I was chasing after God but still putting things before Him, now this is not to say I didn’t trust in Him but my mind was money focused, paying bills and doing my best in the job and it affected me following me home rather than spending time in His presence was thinking about work. Now lets look at our ways and do a self-check, we live in a society where if you do not work you are a nobody, have nothing and not making good use of your time. They push this 9-5 working system and after all the hard work they take the taxes and at times what we earn is not always enough to pay for all we want to do at that moment in time. One will ask what is this? Did God create me to be a slave to the system or did He create me to be more than that, more than an employer, to be greater, successful and to enjoy all He has in abundance.

You see God predestined out steps way before we were born, He led me to understand that my ex job I recently left didn’t define me but I defined myself based on what I did with the income I received, my pay cheques didn’t define me, because when its all said and done and the money isnt there I will still be alive doing what God has called me to do because my calling isnt in making money and spending it anyhow and guess what He will be the one to provide for my needs, not that employer who treated me unfairly, not that employer who was racist, not that employer who treated me good because they thought I was mixed race (they were white and thought I had white in me- see what I mean) you see in the work environment it’s a dog eat dog world and everyones in it for themselves, and if you don’t do your job well will be replaced, they have control over your finances and can decline holidays you want to take. Listen God says IN PHIL 4:19 “HE WILL SUPPLY ALL YOUR NEEDS ACCORDING TO HIS RICHES IN GLORY IN CHRIST JESUS” , NOT THE RICHES OF MAN, NOT THE RICHES OF THAT EMPLOYER NOT THE RICHES OF THOSE PEOPLE IN THE WORKPLACE YOU FEEL YOU HAVE TO FIND FAVOUR FROM) NO IT DOESN’T WORK LIKE THAT BECAUSE THE MOMENT YOU TAKE YOUR EYES OF GOD AND TAKE MATTERS INTO YOUR OWN HANDS YOU ARE SETTING YOURSELF UP FOR A NASTY DOWNFALL

 If God is a limitless God why do we fear our circumstances, why do we dwell on jobs, why do we over work ourselves to get a cheque which goes back as taxes to society. God led me to understand many of this, when He gives He doesn’t take, when He gives its permanent, when He gives its because He cares for us and loves us dearly. When we trust in Him we say despite no job He is with us, despite lack of finances He will provide, despite people talking I know who He says I am. What are you feeding your mind and spirit with? What God says or temporary people you do not need around you?

So back to my testimony, I left my job two weeks ago and they offered to have me come back this would have been the third time I would have gone back but God made it clear do not go back close that chapter and leave, now it takes strong faith to trust in God and leave a job knowing that it paid and met your needs, but He was saying He has greater for me and has greater for all of you too. Don’t get me wrong some can be used in their jobs yes I can testify to that, but on the other hand we can also take away a lot from our job which we can also apply to what He has called us to do outside of the job.

This last week I called my phone provider asking them how much I need to pay them because I knew the latest bill was out and I had to pay it off, so I called in and spoke to one of the representatives and asked and he said ‘you do not owe us anything and your account has been cleared, no further charges’ WHATTTTTTTT I checked my phone app two days before that and it showed my account was clear but thought it was an error and so called in, only for the man to say it had been paid two days ago. Now no one knows my details for me to think someone paid it off so I believed and knew it had to be a divine intervention no other way how awesome is God.

Listen two days before that was in church on Sunday and God showed me two visions and in one of them I was kneeling down and God was pouring fresh oil into me as if I was a cup and there was a lot of oil overflowing and that was the surplus for blessing others and then what was left was me nurturing what was in me to build on myself and growing in His presence, having more faith and relying on Him.

Then two days later I am told an £85 phone bill which I didn’t even agree with was paid off, when I say I was shocked- and I didn’t use a penny to cover it, then a few days later I found money in my draw and in this same week received a tax refund in the thousands, completely unexpected and took me back to the fact that despite not working God wants me to focus on Him and the ministry and He will take care of my needs without me over working to please employers- imagine that. I am not accustomed to the ways and things of this world but I am accustomed to the ways of God and His word. He has placed a lot on my hands and had to show me that my prayers do get answered, He is always with me, my faith spoke for me, money isnt everything and what is in the world is indeed always temporary.









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