HEBREWS 13: 1-2

HEBREWS 13: 1-2

Dear Father

Treating others with love and care is very important in the kingdom and outside the kingdom. Not everyone knows the importance of treating others well and I pray that they will learn to do so and change all old ways, we are all one so instead of dividing I pray for unity and instead of hate I pray for love. Father only you can bring about this change within those who don’t show kindness and I believe there will come a time where it will be a common act to do and live by. Halleluyah

Hebrews 13:1-2- ‘Let brotherly love continue, be not forgetful to entertain strangers; for thereby some have entertained angels unaware.’

Real love is a beautiful thing and unites people to come together to support, love, encourage and pray for one another. When you love others that is a reflection of the Bible and our actions align to what God expects us to do.

I used to think that it was okay to just love those who love me and be nice to those who are nice to me, although as time went on I was shown that this isn’t the case and rather we are to love and be nice to everyone regardless of whether they are nice to us or love us back. We are children of God and so it is important to set a good example to others to show them that to love is to help others and respect them, do not always give to receive, genuinely give and The Most High will bless you.

It is hard because if someone wrongs you, it is your role to forgive them and love them and that is where the tough lesson comes in. Because human nature will say that if someone does you wrong then you cut them off and don’t show them love back, they wronged you so why should they still deserve your love?

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Actions such as:

-Hospitality to strangers when you’re out and about is an action, that accommodates helping everyone not just those you know

-Empathy to those who are suffering and have no one

-Those who have been mistreated and feel alone

-Respect for everyone you come in contact with

The love we have should be able to be shown in our actions towards others.

Judging still happens and people are quick to jump to their own defence as to why they don’t help strangers. But it is important to understand that we shouldn’t look at the face value of people alone, because not all that glitters is gold, do not judge or mistreat someone just because of how they look.

At times they may be going through more than you know and can’t even help themselves and that is why your help may well be what they need even if they do not directly ask you. Some are prideful and so can’t come out to ask for help but if your heart is big enough to help everyone, you can choose to help in ways that wouldn’t make them feel out of place.

This saying ‘treat everyone equally because you do not know what they may be passing through.’ Is such a true saying we should all live by, indeed we all pass through things in life that are not exactly easy to deal with but we get through it with God, with prayer, supportive people, and faith. So before you speak think about how your words will affect the people you speak to, for various reasons. Some are good at hiding what they are passing through and the smallest thing can break them.

Do not make it a habit to bash people because you think you know better and can never be wrong, because even though you hurt them with your words some will bring out the pain, tears and dislike towards you in private adding to what they may already be going through.

Some people will be grateful with the little you do for them, some will be grateful for the time you spent with them, for the smile, the hug, the money to help pay for something, whatever it is never think that any act is too small or anything you give won’t be appreciated.

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So long as it is from your heart and you genuinely give, be happy with what you did and the impact it will make in those people’s lives. It will help give hope to them, a sense of them knowing that there are good people out there. It is good to be good no matter what, it could be the good you do to others that causes God to move in your circumstances because it shows that you are willing to share the little you have, you are selfless and diligent regardless of your own situation.

Do what you can to help others, you don’t know what tomorrow may bring, and whose help you may need. So never look down on others because you have it today and they don’t, the tables can always turn and situations don’t stay the same.

The people around you, who you come into contact with will not all be just strangers. Some may have crossed your path at that moment in time for a reason, a test and or lesson. You can learn from them but also remember God will always place people on your path to see how you will act with them. Always use wisdom when around others especially those you don’t know and act with a sense of love and kindness when you are doing things.

Some are your destiny helpers sent to help you and guide you, but you don’t know that and it is important to not miss those opportunities due to selfishness and rudeness that pushes others away. When you are called you are not meant to do everything yourself, there are people God will send your way to help you build and develop. Because we were not created to do everything ourselves that is not possible, we will by all means need help in things we may not be as good as, as the others are. What may be a weakness to you, may be a strength to me.

That is why it is important to read the bible as our guidelines to follow on a day to basis. We cannot do it all alone and so it is important to pray to God for Him to direct our path to avoid being led astray by our own thoughts and actions.

Bless you all.