Hi lovelies,

This time around it’s to do with attending Church(es) in today’s society. I picked this area to discuss because among the Christian community it tends to be a sensitive issue that is mentioned quite often. I’ve heard people say some things which have not only shocked me but made me question the things they have said with a small LOL too to be honest.




Speaking from experience I can say that I have been to a few churches and with each one the services do have similarities obviously when it comes to giving tithe, offering, welcoming new members, praise and worship etc.. But ONE big thing that differentiates them from each other to me personally is how the Pastors preach. Now no two Pastors will ever preach the same and share the same understanding of the Word Of God, but each to their own interpretations. I have heard Pastors preach nonstop about moneyy and the good living, while some have preached the TRUTH we Christians can value and learn from. Others fall short of His word and seem to misunderstand their position and that it will have effect on their Christian members.. There are many Pastors with their own Churches around town who choose to do things differently. Many are called but few are chosen, you may see all these Pastors around preaching but not all of them I feel have the raw anointing of God to truly show they have been called by God to do HIS WORK ALONE.


Sadly Churches are now seen as businesses and even mocked for not fulfilling their rightful purposes and not all the Pastors similar to what I previously stated are actually called, but once they call themselves a Pastor and stand on the alter who are we to go to them directly and speak against them I know I won’t and rather pray over such matters for God to judge and take over. Eventually all their ulterior motives will begin to show in how they approach their members and preach the word. Don’t get me wrong it is good to want to do God’s work but it is bad when it is not done with a genuine heart and mind and just to make a business out of it which is happening a lot in these end times and well before.


You have Pastors who are genuine, God fearing, righteous, pure, know the word of God well to the finest detail and care for their members like a true man of God should act. When I speak of such especially with my experiences with Churches and what I see in the media…. It all just makes me thank God for the Church I am in now my FINAL bus stop no longer will I have to pray over finding a good Church because of VICTORIOUS PENTECOSTAL ASSEMBLY where I have been attending for over two years and haven’t frowned upon settling in this Church.


My Pastor, Pastor Alex Omokudu the General Overseer of my Church is who I call and will always call a true, righteous, pure man of God. I have never come across a Pastor who does soo much for his members, cares for them and preaches the word in a way we can all clearly identify with and relate to our own lives to know how to live righteous good ways in life. His background and upbringing was tough and he endured soo much you just have to hear his story to sympathise with him from where he once was to where he is now. It really is a remarkable, touching, heartfelt experience no one should have to endure. But you know what with all that he passed through look at him today the founder of a fast growing church constantly growing for over eight years now with their main headquarters in Barking, London. He is a living example that with God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE, you can pass through turmoil but that will make you stronger and in turn will show you that God gives the toughest battles to His strongest soldiers.


From my pastors experience, I am able to take a lot from it but one thing I hold onto is that no matter what your background is, no matter the pain endured, what was lost and everything that held you down there is a God who will not only see you through the big battles you faced but will miraculously bless you and strengthen you to be the best that you can be. Because at times we all have those stages where we feel low and extremely oppressed by things that are out of our control or even by people who constantly do wrong to us when we show them love, were we sometimes question these things and Gods timing. But what we do not realise is that for us to get to the good and enjoy what God has in store for our individual destinies, we must fight and face the tough storms to get to where He wants us to be.


Now back to the churches topic everyone will have an opinion on churches, I’ve heard a fair share of opinions from what others have experienced some really bad and some just leave you questioning what’s happened over time for the real purpose of churches to go downhill, not all but some.


The Church out of all institutions, I can agree is most affected by afflictions as not only a local place of worship but its existence based on social belonging and creating a business out of it. Forgetting that a church is actually important in a Christian’s life to help enhance their Christian experience and a sense of belonging to a church alongside making the important decision to join one (The right church for you).


I say that church going is important in a Christian’s life because to me a Christian can read the Bible at home, conduct praise and worship at home, work on living a good Christian life learning from mistakes etc. But in the church you are able to pay tithe with obedience giving thanks to God, take communion, conduct praise and worship there too but most importantly you get to hear the word of God from an anointed man of God CALLED BY GOD to also teach you things you may not have picked up whilst reading the Bible in your alone time with God. What I’m trying to say is that to some extent what is learnt in church can go a long way to help us learn more about Christianity rather than depending on our own interpretations, a true man of God will teach you things, important things God has spoken to him about to share with his members. God speaks to us all but the raw anointing upon a pastor can do more help than we think. We should not just rely on our own interpretation and understanding of the word of God.


When you decide to choose a church if you are currently not worshipping in one, is important to list the reasons why you actually want to join the church and not just because you feel it will make you a good Christian, as there is much more to being a good Christian than that as mentioned before. The church deep down should be seen like a chemist or hospital where there are injured souls who unite to help recovery. Same way a patient will go to a hospital for treatment to get better, so will a Christian go to church for deliverance and prayer to be healed from what they’re going through from health issues, to financial issues, marital problems, search for jobs etc. Whatever the problem may be God is at hand 24/7 to meet our needs so long as you have faith and believe in Him. Churches are supposed to bring people together to worship and praise God, support fellow members and support their Pastor, encourage assist and unify as one.


Church and the teachings should be to help understand and support each other with what the word of God is about, how to love God and other people, live by His teachings rather than continuously display wealth and preach money money money.


When choosing a church some will say ‘Well I want a church that is close to my house..’ or ‘I don’t want to go those big churches who talk about nothing but money …’ You will hear all things and sadly some have been battered left right and centre when it comes to church going that they have washed their hands of church going and feel comfortable worshipping and praising God at home along with meditating on the Bible. Because really you are not only a Christian on a Sunday you are meant to be a Christian everyday of your lives and you shouldn’t stop living right just because you don’t attend a church due to personal preference. Whereas others will choose a church based on the needs they need fulfilled at that moment in time in their lives, that they need help with and want that closer relationship with God. Depending on how intimate you want the relationship with God to be in your experience with church attendance will also depend on the size of the church whether you want to be part of a big or small church (small community to get to know all the members well rather than a large mega church). Or others will say they want to join church activities and partake more in the church setting that will probably befit a larger church. Also you may find that as your life starts to change so will your church needs, I have seen it happen were members choose to attend less or even decide to attend another church. As it has been known to happen were people once they got what they needed in a particular church tend to up and leave to experience things in a new one, each to their own.


It is crucial that we should be able to find teaching and see it backed up in the church the right way. Whether you are a parent, married couple, teenager etc you would want to attend church so that you can learn moral values, the word in much more detail and hold high esteem in who we are serving and that is God almighty. However what should also be remembered is that the teaching of values at church should not replace the need to also teach at home. Church as important as it is, should not be a replacement for what is absent in our actions within our homes.


So what it all comes down to is your relationship with God and how you can continue to draw closer to Him and work on being a better you. Whether it be choosing a church, growing more in understanding of the word etc always commit it all in prayer and ask for Gods guidance, He will see you through..


God bless you all

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