Hey lovelies,

Dear Father,
Thank you for another blessed day we have all been blessed to see, thank you for your love, healing, teaching, forgiveness, blessings and moreover the beautiful gift of life. I pray that we continue to trust in you more despite what we are facing, what people are saying or what our minds are telling us. I pray for healing to be our portion no matter what the circumstances are, father please have your way, lead us and use us for your glory. Halleluyah.

So on a journey to the airport passed the river Thames and was captivated by the beautiful view, bearing in mind that I have passed there many times but this time around viewed it differently and it dropped in my spirit the importance of water linked to other things which I will discuss.

When I looked at the water God’s beautiful creation, the following words / phrases dropped in my spirit –
Quenches our thirst
Beautiful creation
Continuous flow- doesn’t stop
Doesn’t run dry
Can’t count it
Can’t stay in one place
No beginning and no end
Many uses– to drink, clean with, a home for sea-life
Everywhere has God’s print on it – creator of all things

It is human nature for us to think that our issues are too big to overcome, that we are not strong enough to get through them even though God has said we are more than conquerors – Romans 8:37. You see the same way we have issues that arise in our lives is the same way those same issues will have an ending. You must endure to come out stronger and wiser, if God was able to make the rivers as deep and wide as they are which no man can do then what makes you think that your issues are too big for Him to handle??

We need to be careful to not make issues bigger than they are, with that said the same way we can’t count water is the same way you will not be able to count all the things that God has done for you, He has not only given you life, blessed you with many things, created the universe but has also taken you through many things, healed you and given you many chances when you stumble. Wont He do it???

Yes the water can’t be counted, it has no beginning and end, it flows, is beautiful to see and a home for the sea life. God created all this, the same God who can do all things, answers prayers, elevates, comforts and strengthens and you doubt Him? Sometimes look around at all you see and how beautiful it is to the eyes and see what God made, and then place your hand over your heart for the heart beat and thank Him for your life that you are still alive. Breathing and able to do what He tells you do to with obedience. If you struggle with your faith in God, pray over it, read His word, repent and get back up again.

The water is in overflow, it doesn’t stop flowing, it doesn’t run out, it is always there, and that is how we should see God, He doesn’t run out He is the creator of all things, He doesn’t run away from us, He is always there and has blessings in overflow to bless you with. The water to me symbolises God in a way of how wide and deep it is- his love for us, his forgiving nature, always providing, of great magnitude, cant be put in a box, too big to contain and doesn’t stay in one place, the same way water flows all over the place is the same way God moves all around He is not a respecter of a place and certain people. But moves all over to bless His children, heal, answer prayer, change situations, fight battles on our behalf. I mean what cant He do???

This shows the many ways in which God operates, He is like no other, cant be compared to anyone and does things no one can ever do if they tried. He is above all human beings and the same way water stretches over to large areas is the same way God reaches all areas and continually moves to do greater things.

Psalm 56:8 ‘You have taken account of my wanderings; Put my tears in Your bottle. Are they not recorded in Your book?’ – Here the tears is the water.

As we all know the rivers are wide and deep, you cant count the river that is impossible for anyone to do it doesn’t make sense. But God makes records of all your tears and records it, now who is able to say they can do that or even count the number of hairs on your head (Matthew 10:30)God knows all things that we as humans cannot even begin to know about and or quantify, if He is able to know all this and keep record of your tears then why doubt Him or run when the going gets tough?

You see people are quick to run when there are storms, disappointments and people talking the wrong way about you. And in doing so forget the God we serve and how powerful, mighty and timely He is to be able to intervene to do all things. The level of your faith says a lot and if it is without works it is indeed dead but for those who say this are you really believing it are they applying this?? because in order for God to move you need: faith + wisdom + trust in Him. He can do the impossible for others but can you also believe that He can do the impossible for you too?

God cares so much for you and I, He understands every little thing about us to the big things that people may know and overlook. He knows all that we face, so do not be afraid or weary, you are His child and He only has good thoughts for you and not thoughts of evil.

We need to get to that place where the same way people rely on food and water is how we should be relying on God and more. He provided all those things for us, so we should always go to the source and have our reliance on Him alone. Our feelings, concerns, disappointments you name it, He cares. How beautiful is it to know that when we cry and struggle, He collects every single drop and restores us back to life, heals us and encourages us to go on. All pain, confusion, doubt and mess He has it all under control. The same way He controls all things is the same way He controls and takes care of what we face. He knows our hearts desires, He knows!!!! So be rest assured in His presence that He will indeed take care of you and meet your needs beyond your expectations.

We are special, worthy, valuable children of God, He has not left us, He has not gone on leave, His word doesn’t return back void, He isnt part time with us… So why should we or even how can we be part time to Him? The same way the sea life need the water and the same way we need air to breathe is the same way we should trust and rely on God even more in our lives. Keep on trusting in Him, believing in Him, praying, standing firm in the word and believing it is not just you going through the storms, but that He is there with you holding your hand giving you the strength to endure.

Water – Living water

Water in a biblical sense was not just seen as water, but LIVING WATER – To back this up The first instance can be found in John chapter 4. Yeshua was tired and sat at a well while His disciples went into town to buy food. A Samaritan woman came to draw water, and Yeshua asked her for a drink. The Samaritan woman was quite shocked seen as Yeshua was a Jew, and Jews hated the Samaritans.

But she had no idea who Yeshua was and asked Him how He could ask her for water since He was a Jew. Yeshua ignored the question and went right to the point, “If you knew the gift of God and who it is that asks you for a drink, you would have asked him and he would have given you living water” (John 4:10). He does not say that He is the living water, but that He would give living water to her, and when she received it, she would never thirst again.

Another instance of living water significance was when Yeshua was is in the temple surrounded by worshippers and suddenly cried out, “If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink. He who believes in Me, as the Scriptures said, ‘From his innermost being will flow rivers of living water.’ But this He spoke of the Spirit, whom those who believed in Him were to receive; for the Spirit was not yet given, because Jesus was not yet glorified” John 7:37–39. Here Yeshua refers to the Holy Spirit as the living water.
The understanding is that Yeshua used “water” to symbolize the holy spirit, the Holy Spirit is to dwell in us, and fill us up, in a sense of “rivers of living water.” that are flowing out of believers. The Holy Spirit is there to make a difference in our lives, it didn’t speak of drops of water but flowing rivers, flowing to cleanse, heal and be renewed.

So the next time you feel as though things are getting too much for you and you cant cope just look around you at the beautiful scenery of God’s beautiful creations and be reminded that if He was able to make all these things and the rivers that overflow then He can as well handle your issues and strengthen you to endure.

God bless you all